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Available in 2 sizes: Gopher (large) and Mole (small)

Our oil hardened, spring steel traps are the highest quality lasso-type traps on the market. Find out about the differences between the gopher and mole traps and purchase here.

Why LassoTrap?

Benefits over our competitors

  • One year warranty (with return of the original trap)
  • * 30° angled slided wire loop
  • * Slide wire loop interlocks to prevent other traps from getting entangled with each other (which is a problem for the commercial use of these when they have many traps piled together)
  • * The active jaw is pointed to be more effective
  • * The trip wire diameters are increased (larger than our competitors) to reduce flexing which can lead to fatigue and failure
  • * The trip wire loops are formed to close directly against the center of the trip wire
  • * The double bend in the slide wire, where it engages with the stamped frame, is carefully formed and parallel to provide smooth movement and correct fit in the steel notch in the steel frame
  • * The spring wire diameter is increased, this provides for a stronger spring with reduced preload on the spring (the reduced preload provides longer spring life at a consistent spring pressure over a long period of use)
  • * The actuating jaw is tapered to be more effective
  • * The trip wire is interlocked, angled and the center is enclosed for maximum performance



Larger 2 7/8" jaws

Gopher trap
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Smaller 2 1/8" jaws

Mole trap
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Customer feedback

Lasso Trap Review5 star rating

I've been using mole/gopher traps for 20+ years, and have tried quite a few different styles. I have to say that this style has proven the most effective. It's easy to set and I don't have to stick my hand into the hole (the trap jaws slide in), which can be daunting if you live in an area with snakes. It also has many improvements over the competitors version (which I've also used), lassotraps seem very well made - at nearly 1/2 the cost of the competitors, I'm sold on them! If you've never used these type of traps, setting them can be a bit tricky for the first time, but the instructions that come with the traps are really clear and they have them on their website as well as a video.

Best gopher trap out there! 5 star rating

We've been having a lot of gophers this year and have tried a few different traps with limited success. Lassotrap has been the ticket as we saw nearly instant results. The first night we put it out, and in the morning we caught one!! I like the design more than the other 2 that we used and was easy to verify the catch. It seems like it will last a long time as it's fairly heavy. As a bonus my kids love the logo;)

Great investment and really works. 5 star rating

Perfect for entrance holes. Clean out entrance dirt and insert the jaws of death. Sometimes triggered by dirt pushed ahead of mole but usually get them the second time. Easy to set and very effective. 4 Moles in 3 days (2 traps). Might have two more tonight!

FINALLY..... a trap that works. 5 star rating

I just moved into a new house and have over 2 acres and did not know the gopher issue was this bad. Since moving in I have tried several things - these traps are the only thing that have consistently worked so far. I've caught a lot of gophers with these traps, but learned from the website that you have to put it deep in the hole and not widen the hole too much for a near perfect kill ratio. I have already recommended LassoTrap to my new neighbors.

Caught a mole the first night!5 star rating

We had a mole tearing up our lawn, so I ordered a few styles of traps, including this one. The initial set up was a little confusing, as the trigger mechanism ships disconnected for safety, but once arming it for the first time, it was easy to set up the other one. It worked great! We caught the mole less than 12 hours after setting the trap. No mess, and the mole was easy to dispose of.